Thursday, February 5, 2009

Red Beans

I know I promised recipes in the future, but here's the thing:

Like most cooks, unless it is a brand new dish, I do not cook with, or follow, a recipe. For the purposes of posting a recipe here, what I will do is cook like I usually do, but measure and write down every ingredient and action. Oh, the lengths I go to for my fans - all 3 of you!

This weekend, I will probably cook red beans. While Monday is the official "Red Bean Day", it's not unusual to have red beans on a Saturday. (Oddly enough, it's not really considered a Sunday meal - I don't know why, it just isn't.) Hopefully I'll have a recipe for you and some pics of the finished product. The picture shown is not my creation, but I chose it because it looks pretty good for restaurant red beans.

Also, I will offer variations of New Orleans style red beans. I have seen recipes from other places that use sugar, carrots, or some other weirdness in their beans. Uh, yeah, they can miss me with that - you will not see that here. I hope you give mine a try and enjoy.

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