Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday, Random Stuff

I came home from work a little early, which is not unusual for a Friday. I took fifteen from the hundred shrimp rounds I have in a box in the freezer, put them in the toaster oven and warmed them. Delicious!

I washed them down with a beverage I made using my blender for the first time. It's delicious, too! I put a little of this in it, courtesy of my son's girlfriend, Stormy:

It has mango and black pepper. What's not to like?
Cinzia is doing much better with going up and down the stairs. I still have to retrieve her at times, but it's not like it was when she would wait for me to tote her little behind down the stairs, and then wait for me to get her and bring her back up when she was ready to come up Who does she think she is?

I have a friend I've known since I was about ten. For the last few years, her idiotic, self destructive behavior has tried my patience, and the very few friends she has are ignored in favor of any man she could have just met last week. Our history meant something to me, but the truth is, we have very little in common. It is difficult to have even the simplest conversation with her. Recently, she commited what I consider a major indiscretion, then treated it like it was nothing, tried to deflect everything and came up with every weak excuse in the book insted of just apologizing. I really think this was the last straw. On top of everything else I don't trust her, and I have lost what little respect I had for her.

That guy on the commercial who talks about cheeseburgers, has long braids in a long ponytail with a hat and eats a Hostess cupcake at the end? Name is junkfoodie? Works on my nerves.

Remember the Honeycomb Hideout?

I can't wait to do my planting plant next month.

I think my son thinks he has to tell me how to do everything. Yes, he's smart, but where does he think he got it?

I wish my friend (another one) would change her disposition in her relationship. She has given him the upper hand and he has no reason whatsoever, to make much of an effort. A friend and I were discussing this type of predicament, and it really has me thinking.

When I think of what Robert did to my air conditioner and my window, I want to hit him with my baseball bat.

The one person who de-friended me on MySpace a few months ago is an alcoholic who talks too much and has extremely unfortunate features. I mean eyes, nose, mouth, even his teeth, just messed up. His pride was hurt because I wasn't quick to show the type of affection he wanted. I was trying to take my time and get to know him better, hoping I would like him so much his looks wouldn't matter, but all he talked about was himself, and about all the women who wanted him for a husband, but of course, he just didn't want that. Maybe it was a combination of the face and the attitude, but every time I saw that face, he was either talking smack or trying to get all up over me, and it made me want to upchuck. The only information he wanted about me was in relationship to how he could benefit from it. Uh, no thank you. I really think I could have gotten used to his looks if he wasn't such a jerk, but this combination is not a good one. He ended things with me when I confronted him about his behavior and he couldn't take hearing about himself. I think he had been down this road so many times he knew just what to do. There were no tears over the loss of the "relationship," but being rejected by a jerk with an ugly face? That hurt. He loves to say he's single by choice. Translation: He has no choice. He doesn't know how to act, women for some reason don't stick around long and when they leave, it's on bad terms (he has a bad track record). He still gets drunk every weekend to avoid the life he wishes were different. Listen up, buddy! You have some things working for you: you're intelligent, neat, have a nice family, you can cook, you actually can relate to women on some level, and you have a sense of humor. Take inventory of your behavior, change what you don't like and perhaps you can settle down with a nice girl and have some funny-looking kids of your own! Hell, you'll love 'em. That's all.

Etta James really and truly does need to be quiet. Stop talking. Just sing, Blondie. Really.

I always eat more when something bothers me. Something must be bothering the hell out of me.

I am looking forward to setting up my pantry tomorrow, and getting the basement together. I have to get the floors ready for me to stain the concrete. Looking forward to that, too. I really must get out more.

I sure do like firefighters. Laughing out loud at that one.

I bought some leopard print sheets because my grandmother had some just like it. I hope they're just as soft as I remember hers were.

I miss both my grandmothers. They were very different about almost everything. One thing they had in common (besides four grandchildren)? They both threw down in the kitchen. I like to think I got 'it' from both of them, 'cause I don't play, either. Maw-Maw Weezie's drink of choice? Tom Collins, only on special occasions. Grandma's fave? Justerini & Brooks Scotch, better known as J&B. Every day.

An aside: Truman Capote drank J&B exclusively, but only called it by its formal name. When he would travel, he'd go into a liquor store an ask for Justerini & Brooks. If the clerk did not recognize the formal name, Capote would never let them know it's J&B. Even if he saw it on the shelf, he would walk out without it rather than call it J&B, or enlightening the clerk. I do not know why.

Our Mayor and City Council have stopped fighting over the waste management contract. Thank goodness. It was turning into a circus.

Sidney Torres is just as cute as he can be.

New Orleans may have its problems, but I often thank God for the blessing of being born here.

There's a sweet smell that hits me when I'm in an old New Orleans neighborhood. The smell takes me back to my childhood. I still don't know what it is.

I can't imagine what you'd have to pay me to sleep in that FEMA trailer again.

I detest insincerity.

I also hate when people know they're going to be on television, yet they show up looking jacked up. Comb your hair! Put on some Chap Stick! Think of others!

I want to go to the Krewe de View parade tomorrow, but I don't know anyone who wants to go.

Okay, I'll stop now, although I have much more.

What's random with you?

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