Saturday, February 21, 2009

Some Random Thoughts

My hair is falling out. About a fist full every day. I have to pour drain cleaner down the drain every 7-10 days. Thank God it's kinda thick, otherwise I'd be completely bald. I'm starting to really worry now, which will probably cause me to lose more hair.

I hate racism. Hate it. When directly and personally faced with it, there's a combination of shock and hurt, and then I get pissed. That's what happens when it's against my people. I hate it just as much when it comes from my people, but the process is different. There's frustration, then an effort on my part to get the offender to see a different view of things, then I get pissed. It's just bad business all around and doesn't do a damn bit of good for anyone. Why do people have to be so ignorant?

My yellow rose bush has three full, fat roses on it. They are beautiful.

Sasha has gas. Stinky, foul gas. The kind that smells flammable. The kind that makes you screw your face up, lean in the opposite direction and say "Eeew, Sasha!" Bless her heart.

I love a good kissing scene in a movie.

I detest it when my integrity is meritlessy questioned. Someone I haven't known very long, someone who obviously does not know me, did that to me three times. Nice person, just misguided and extremely paranoid - we all have our issues. Anyway, no hard feelings, but I am done.

I still think Chris Brown needs his little punk ass kicked. Biting ladies whilst you're beating the shit out of them and whatnot. I wonder what kind of mother he has. Seems to me she's upholding his behavior. Not condoning it, but trying to help him the wrong way. You know, no accountability.

I have a headache and a backache, and I am in the pissiest of moods today. Can't put my finger on it. I'll pull myself out of it. I always do. Starting tomorrow. Today's a wrap.

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