Friday, February 20, 2009

Rihanna - Injury Photo

Look at this. LOOK at it. Look at the the injuries on her face, then look at the pain past the surface. This is a picture of so much more than her face. She is heartbroken and devastated.
If any of you still want to defend that little bastard, imagine someone you love looking like that at his hands. If you're okay with that, you're just as sick as he is.

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BoomerD said...

Hollywood and fame brings out the worst in people. celebs feel they have a free pass to hurt, harm, break the law etc. etc. Its awful, but common in the entertainment industry. If its that freakin stressful, touring and performing and stuff, you need to quit and pick up a nine to five. Shes still very young and naive, but this will mature her quickly. time for her to move on, and him to go into anger management and therapy after sentencing and probation.

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