Friday, February 20, 2009

E.L.O. - The Electric Light Orchestra

I read this morning of the death of ELO Bassist, Kelly Groucutt. As many of you know, I grew up to all sorts of music. ELO reminds me of my elementary school days at Immaculate Heart of Mary. They had a distinctive sound that I couldn't identify as a child, but later recognized it as the sound of synthesizers. My father had plenty to say about it, most of it not good, but to me it sounded wonderful. I found the Electric Light Orchestra had such an energetic presence, even with their slower tunes.

Even now, they still do.


Boomer8 said...

E.L.O was kind of a MoodyBlues type band right? I remember one big hit in grammar school: "Hold on Tight"[to your dreams]. I think?

Klou said...

I never considered the Moody Blues comparison, but since you mentioned it, I'd agree. "Hold on Tight" was indeed ELO.

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