Sunday, February 8, 2009

From a Friend in my Inbox:

Earlier today, as I was loading groceries onto the belt, my innocent looking cashier asked me if I was using food stamps. I replied politely oh no, debit card. Then she proceeds to talk about how high the prices are at this store (Winn-Dixie). She said she rings people up and they always complain about how high the prices were. I replied, yes but I don't have a choice so there you go! So she proceeds to scan my groceries and I glance at the screen and see 98.00 something. All of a sudden, after a few more scans it went to 140 or 150. I'm wondering about what I have on the belt that costs so much. I scan the totals and see and entry for AMEX - 55.00, and I asked her about it. She picks up an Am Express gift card and asked me was it my card. I told her no. She said "Oh, I'll delete it", and takes it off the bill. I was soooooo suspicious at that point and she was very uneasy. I finished, paid my bill, checked my receipt and left. I will call that store and report that but felt I would wait a day so as to not reveal who might have reported her.No telling how many people they have scammed. She would have added that in and if I did not check the screen or receipt, had a card loaded with 50.00 at my expense. If a customer called after going home and denied ever getting a card, they would never believe it. AND TRUST ME, I looked, and there was NO PLACE around the register for it to FALL ON THE BELT and it WAS NOT ON THE BELT WHEN I LOADED MY GROCERIES! They are up to NO GOOD! This is SHAMEFUL.....


Klou said...

Okay, this sounds extremely fishy to me. I would call the store manager, and let him or her know I had plans to call the regional office, just to make sure he handles this on his end. Tht cashier needs to be in jail. You were targeted and caught it, but what if the next person isn't as conscientious?

What Winn Dixie was this?

Klou said...

Per my Friend - This was the Winn Dixie on Chef Menteur.

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