Thursday, March 5, 2009

Update: Chris Brown Charged in Rihanna Beating

It wasn't his first time. He punched her. He bit her. He tried to choke her. He threatened to kill her. He tried to push her out of a moving car. He has shown no accountability. I won't say what I believe may be one thing that will stop this sleazy stupid punk, because it's likely I will be in jail for expressing a solution to the problem while he walks around scot-free.

He doesn't deserve a career. Right now he doesn't even deserve a happy life. I can't stand to look at him. If he were my son I would not uphold his actions. Then again, my son doesn't beat on people.

I wish Rihanna could know HE WILL NOT STOP. If he's sincere in seeking help, he'd ask for her support from afar while he gets it, so as to ensure he would not hurt her again. You know, because he loves her so much. Rihanna when a man loves you, he does not beat on you when you disagree. If a man is beating on you, he doesn't even like you!

Rihanna, you deserve so much more. I'm praying that you get it.

God, forgive me, but Chris, I pray you get yours, too.

Here's the link that includes the affidavit:

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Clifton said...

She might be the first one in court asking for him not to be convicted.

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