Friday, January 9, 2009

How often is your hair trimmed? Do you use a professional? Do you do it yourself? Are you happy with your ends?


Craigjc said...

The stylist looks a bit heavyhanded, no?

Glam Girl said...

Hey Keri, I'm breaking the rules and starting from the top :p

My hair is trimmed about once a month. Most of the time professional, but if I can tell it's in need before then, I do it myself. It's very simple :)

Glam Girl said...

this is devin btw :)

Klou said...

Hey, I'm just glad for your company.

Lola said...

I usually trim my hair every six weeks. Always by a professional. A girl can't take a chance on messing up her hair. No point in scrimping on the necessities of life.


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