Sunday, January 4, 2009


1. My favorite color is orange.
2. I have an aversion to powder blue (that's a story for another post).
3. I love to cook.
4. I'm a fragrance fiend.
5. If I have to choose between splurging on an outfit or some really good sheets, I'll go with the sheets.

What about you? Tell me somethings about yourself, and try to include a thing or two your friends may not know.


Boomer8 said...

#5] Sheets. what is the deal with thread count?! Isnt it cool if they just arent "thread bare"?! And really outside of silk, most sheets are all the same with the exception of the really cheap big lots 100% cotton ones right? I do know, that with a tall Eurotop mattress, you definitely need deep pocket sheets. thats the extent of my knowledge on this

Klou said...

I promise you, all sheets are not the same. Splurge on some 800 thread count sheets and tell me what you think.

I have to admit, I have some leopard print sheets that are, I think, 350 tc. I got them because they reminded me of my grandmother. They are very comfortable, I also have some 1200 thread count sheets that go on the guest bed (long story - the guest bed was supposed to be mine while I worked on my house. House took so long, I didn't need to use the guest bed because almost the entire house was ready). These sheets are still in the package. When I open them, guess who'll be sleeping in the guest bed a whole bunch of times!

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