Monday, June 1, 2009

Who'd like some of this?

Why would anyone think this is attractive? People play too much. And why is he posing from the middle down the same way an attractive woman in pointy stilettos would? I hate him!
Oh, and there are the profiles of others:

looking for a sweet woman to share what i like, must like watching wrestling, hunting fishing ,, oh and the packers. some who is kind, good sence of hummer, who is funny, someone who loves talking... go to a movie, go danceing, go to the new zoo, or cook super at my place and talk, or rent movies and order a pizza, or what ever the ladie wants to do, go walking on the (sic) river trails, or go to (sic) beach walk round and talk, go up to (sic) lodge, go for a bike ride, or go to a park and talk.

I am afraid of any woman who fits the first part of this disastrous profile. Yes, we can make jokes about the hummer, but sence of hummer? If you're not a good speller (that's bad enough, but perhaps I could work around it), would it kill you to spell-check your profile?

Please tell me it will get better. Bob? Clifton?


Bob said...

Oh, it'll get better.
But, well, for me, if it can't spell, it can't be good.
And if it poses like a woman maybe it's watching too much America's Next Top Model.
And that can't be good either!

Clifton said...

At least he's in the bathroom so you know he grooms. He has a stocking cap on so he's got some good waves in his hair.

I'm trying to be positive.

Klou said...

LOL, thanks, Cliff. Is this what you mean by vanity? Please say no.

BoomerD said...

hahahahahahaaha! whewww! loved youre play by play. PRICELESS!!!!!!!

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