Saturday, February 28, 2009


Today, I gave myself a facial, got a mani-pedi, ran some errands, including buying fresh produce and fish at the Hong Kong Market. I try to do that every couple of weeks. I'll season and freeze the fish. It should last a while. I'm trying to live a more healthy lifestyle.

The weather started off warm and muggy, and within a few hours turned cold and windy, without any rain.

I'm currently on the sofa in the den, supposedly for the purpose of clearing out some DVR memory. However, I see that Chiwetel Ejiofor is on. He's not a man I like to keep waiting. So, it looks like the DVR Memory will not be changing today.

I have a few more posts about wine for our tasting next week. I pray there are no more delays.

It's time to start working in my garden. My roses need some attention, and they show gratitude in such beautiful ways.

What's up with your weekend?

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BoomerD said...

I've got a 3 minute bit on wine connisuers[sic], enthusiasts[sic?], [estruscans]?! It gets good response, but basically without writing out the bit here, it downplays notes and persimmon "trace" or hints etc. Its just for the common man though, the beer swiller. I actually would like to learn about the process.

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