Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday stuff

Today started out with lots of rain, but it was all done by 9 am and was sunny and cool the rest of the day. I woke up at 8:30, later than I expected, maybe because I took a decongestant and an antihistamine last night. I have been in a funk all day.

Someone was supposed to come today at 1 to look at my oven. He didn't show up, didn't call. I hate that!
I cooked two dishes - arroz con pollo and navy beans. I'll have lunch for most of next week. Bully for me.
My house seems huge, cold and drafty. There's an echo of every sound. The new floorboards creek when I walk on them. I wanted to get used to being in the house before I completely moved in, guess the only solution to feeling weird is to completely move in. It's not that I'm scared, just uncomfortable.

I wish people would visit me here more. I'm kinda disappointed, but I'll keep doing what I do. They'll show up eventually.

My hair needs a new style or something.

I found two blankets from my grandmother I had packed away for years. One she crocheted, and a gold blanket she had since before I was born. It stayed on her or my aunt's beds for as long as I can remember. I just washed both of them. The gold blanket will be put to use in my den as I lounge on my sectional, where there's storage in the ottoman when I'm not using it.

I love the smell of Downy fabric softener.

I feel better when I look better. May explain why I'm in such a mood. I look turrbul!

This week I'm going to set up my bedroom and bathroom.

I'm watching Ghost for the first time in years. Everyone does such a great job in this movie. Whoopi Goldberg is the bomb. Demi Moore does really good crying. Patrick Swayze does right by a pair of jeans.

I have to set up my bedroom, including the closet, and bathroom. Everything else is I need is already done.

Tonight I'm going to do my hair, lay out what I'm wearing tomorrow, pack up a lunch, and pray for a brighter outlook tomorrow.

What about you?

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